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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Random Rant

Hey Jammers I'm here with a random rant..... WHY DOES EVERYTHING THE NEW CHEETAH HAVE TO BE A DIAMOND SHOP ANIMAL I WANTED ONE SO BAD AND I HAVE ONE DIAMOND....GRRRRR AJ! Ok -calms down- As you can tell cheetahs are the new animal...sold in the diamond shop for 10 diamonds. Grrrr me no likey diamonds. I have made an AJMV with some friends. The trailer will be up tomorrow. I am reading Beautiful Creatures and I am A D D I C T E D to it. Also sub my friends on youtube @ Catlover1782AJ and Tereziwolf AJ

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happehness and banners!

Hola peeps! I am happeh today! I got 3 pairs of rare scary bat wings (yesterday's rare!) I gave away 2 pairs
to some fans

MWAHAHAHAHA Halloween ROCKS! I should probably calm down =-=.
Also, ANYONE who follows me in the next 5 days will AUTOMATICALLY get a buddy request from moi.. The reason this is a big deal is cuz my buddy list is ALMOST full. Leave your username in the comments and I will buddy you IF you follow me ^.^


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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Halloween stuff :P

Hey Jammers! A couple announcements, first monster teeth and Frankenstein masks are on sale YAY!!!!

Second, PARTY in Jamaa today AND tomorrow ALL DAY!!! Run around in your favorite outfit and yell ANIMAL JAM ROCKS!!! every time you enter a new place. I will be on for part of it. Also, I WILL be having a halloween party in my den, when I get enough gems for a special new den *cough...Haunted...cough cough House...COUGH ....den*


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Epicness and my life

Hey Jammers! Some new items have come to Jamaa Clothing, The Epic dragon wings and skull set!

Me likey *makes grabby paws at* Anyway, my brother found a weird glitch at the Hot Cocoa Hut.

Hmm... I think floating cocoa is haunting Jamaa. XD
Anyway, I am in Odyssey of the Mind now, so I probably won't be posting a lot...sorry but when BIG competitions come up we will need lots of practice.