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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tiki Lawn Chairs

Otters are coming tomorrow!
So check by the blog for the update!

Hey Jammers! Long time no see sorry for not posting it seems that i'd completely forgotten about this blog and iv'e also been on vacation since its the summer holidays so iv'e been pretty busy anyways today's AJ Update:

Here is the day's new item the Tiki Lawn Chair for the past few days AJHQ have introduced a Tiki Den Item collection to Jam Mart Furniture!

Its a very cool item it goes with all of the other tiki items:

As for today's DE Post there is some more epic Jammers Art!

There is also a new video in the Sarepia Theater!

And you only have 2 days left to purchase the Sun Visor!

Here is a fun fact for today!

That's about it for today's post check back tomorrow for THE EPIC UPDATE OF ANIMAL JAM! Where otters come to Jamaa!

Play Wild!