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Friday, March 21, 2014

#JoshGad #Olaf #FrozenLove

Hiya jammers! This post is by request from Nebula Night. It's like the Elsa one I did, but with Olaf, who is pure epicness. He and Elsa and my favorites :). Enjoy!!

Couldn't find the actual video, but here's a clip of the real.

Need that case.... NOW

Hope you liked it, and any requests about posts like this will be considered. If you're wondering the hashtags at the top go in the order: Voice of character, character, the the hashtag of FrozenLove.

(making a new banner)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

#Elsa #IdinaMenzel #AdeleDazeem #FrozenLove

Yolo ya'll jammers! Ok so I have been so obsessed with frozen, elsa, idina menzel (elsa's voice), and her "alter-ego" Adele Dazeem, when John Travolta mispronounced her name at the Oscars. This post does not relate to animal jam much, but enjoy these videos.

What's your favorite song from Frozen?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pillow Room, Fman122, and Contest Winner

Hola Jammers! I've realized no one is doing the prompts or commenting, so the winner is the only person who did *drumroll please* AllRiseSilver!!! I know you're non member so maybe sometime I can trade you the prize :D.

Anyway the post is really about some.... issues in Jamaa. First, adopting in the pillow room. I'm not AGAINST it, in fact sometimes I adopt. I'm against the 'beggars' in there. So I have a story for ya'll. Sit tight and listen.

So recently I was in the pillow room, being a dog, trying to get adopted. A while ago I adopted a 'pup' and she was on. So we kinda sat together and acted like dogs. THEN, this random 'pup' comes up and says "Rosy snowy claw, will you adopt me?" It was nice and all, so I said politely back "No sorry, I'm not into adopting anyone at ze moment, but we can be friends" So she says, "k" and buddies me. Then she sits on a pillow and says "wishes had pretty, amazing, gorgeous mommy like rosy snowy claw."  I jam a grammed her saying I wasn't into adopting at the moment, and told her many other people would love to adopt her. TEN MEMBER ARCTIC WOLVES came and asked to adopt her. She declined all.

THAT is why I hate 'adoption beggars'

Next, is Fman122. People freak out over him, block him, report him, when you don't even know if it's true. I'm not defending him, if he is a virus spreader, but people are mean. Someone could have starting spreading rumors about him if he did something the "rumor spreader" didn't like. For more info visit this link to a blog.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed that tidbit of info.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

So Sorry

Hey guys, no time to explain, but my odyssey of the mind competition is today, and I've been busy all week practicing. Thanks for being patient, and the ending date for the contest is tentative, I'm still choosing, thanks and here's your prompt-

A six word memoir is a memory in the form of six words, using the best words possible, mine for today is
Animal Jam Forever Blog is mine

I want you guys to make a six word memoir, and I'll choose the best one ;)

The prize for the contest is orange mech angel wings, in case you forgot