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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day

So, this is kinda late, but how was your guy's Valentine's Day? Mine was pretty lame, besides the yummy Godiva chocolate I got from my mom. In my grade, you don't do Valentine's Day parties and you're not required to give everyone a Valentine, so people were slacking off on the candy D:. The best one I got was from my friend, and it was homemade cupcakes. Yumm....., sorry getting off topic there.  Anyway, my friend, wolfgirl131033 was so sweet. She bought me a right friendship heart necklace thing. But anyway, we both wear them and it's just a fun and cool thing to wear around Jamaa. This is a cool gif I found online. I figured everyday I'll just post a gif I found online. I love gifs, just don't know how to create them. Bonus points for anyone who tells me how!!
disney animated gif on Giphy

Next, It's time to change the ol' profile pic. Vote on whichever one YOU think is the best. Yup, going for a democracy on here....*crickets* no, ok. Put the number of the one you like best.


So umm... I'm already stuck on prompt ideas, but here we go,

Who are some of your best buddies on Animal Jam and did you do anything special with them for Valentine's Day? Also, do you like to bake or cook at all?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1000 View Contest (Closed)

Hiya people! So I have forgotten to post this, but we have passed 1000 views here on the AJF!!

So this contest is similar to one my mom did a while back.
I will be giving prompts for comments, and whoever answers the best and everyday, not just most often. The winner will get orange mech angel wings, not rare.

So have fun! Answer the prompt on the post below this one and good luck to all the contestants!!

30 Things About Me and New Chat Update....

Long time no see! I've kinda dropped the "hey jammers" thing and decided each one will most likely have a special intro word-thingy. Anyway I really do not like this new "free chat update thingy". Wanna roleplay? TOO BAD because AJHQ took away these following marks: @ # $ % ^ & * - _ = + " / or more than two !! or ?? or ... never mind! AJHQ listened to us and we have ...and !!!!! and ??????.

Doesn't that suck? You can't do stuff like -sees prey- or *erm...* because AJHQ took them away. You also cannot do more than one sentence. I have been ignoring the rules of grammar and having one super long run-on sentence.

Besides that, I am doing something like AllRiseSilver from the Animal Jam Rant!

30 Things About Me

  1. My favorite animal is cats. Big, small anything. Insult them and something bad happens.
  2.  I love reading, too. It's more a habit than a pastime. 
  3. My favorite things to read are Divergent, The Mortal Instruments, Legend, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Beautiful Creatures, and Warrior Cats  
  4. I love music, specifically singing. My favorite artists are Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, and Idina Menzel
  5. I love Frozen the movie and anything that has to do with Frozen. 
  6. I am average height and overall not average.
  7. I think acting your age is not fun
  8. My favorite TV shows are Good Luck Charlie, Wizards of Waverly Place, Big Cat Diary, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Chopped
  9. I am pretty good at multitasking, for example as I type this I am watching Finding Nemo
  10. I am not really rare on Animal Jam, don't hate me, but rares don't exactly have a pull on me like gravity
  11. My favorite colors are Aqua blue, light pink, purple, neon green, and anything neon
  12. I love to shop at the store justice
  13. Ranting is fun
  14. I like disney movies. Don't judge
  15. I am the oldest kid in my family. 
  16. Biking, running, and hiking/ climbing are my favorite "sports"
  17. Snowyclaw has been one of my biggest inspirations of AJ.
  18. I was not a BETA tester 
  19. I am not popular....anywhere.
  20. I love a lot of youtubers, but my favorite is a kinztuber named Sassycat143.
  21. I don't watch too many animal jam videos, only a few that my friends make. 
  22. I love to roleplay on animal jam, specifically why I hate the new update
  23. Writing comes naturally to me, I swear I've written like 15 pages in 4 months and they are cool. 
  24. I hate when people in the pillow room say -adopt me is adorable baby, MEMBERS ONLY-
  25. :D
  26. Lilacpetal is a big inspiration for me.
  27. I love ice cream and mashed potatoes, but not together *shudders.... yuck*
  28. Trust me, I will hurt you if you take my chocolate...... My precious *says in Gollum voice*
  29. Odyssey of the Mind is something I believe everyone should do.
  30.  AllRiseSilver is awesome, go read her blog..... NOW @

In the comments, tell me some stuff about you, not creepy stuff, but like what you like to do on AJ or your interests and hobbies.