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Friday, December 20, 2013

Cosmo's Den

Hey Jammers! Today's (or yesterday's i don't know...) item is in the diamond shop! Can you guess what it is?

Cosmo's Den!!!!!!!! It's a very natur-y type den with lots of leaves. The entrance is similar to that of the enchanted Hollow den!

(Picture Credit for these two pictures above to Snowyclaw)

One of my best buddies was able to get the den and she had all the adventure items, so we made our very own adventure den!

Also, today was a snow day....but I didn't want there to be one.......

I was SUPPOSED to have a PARTAY for finished final exams in homeroom, and our teacher was making sausage and biscuits and eggs. We were doing a book swap and I REALLY wanted to open mine. It was a secret santa type thingy and I got a friend of mine Dork Diaries cause I got her name!

Urg, why do snow days happen on days I DON'T want them to and they don't happen when I want them to.