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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Amazing Ideas!!!

Hey Jammers! It's me.....again. Someone had a good idea to to "Jammer Of The Month" "Top Commenter" and "Someone I've met on AJ" I will start off with Jammer of the month, on a new page..Check it out!

Pet Party and Shop

Hey Jammers! New items have come out!!:D First, the pet dining stool is at the Play-As-Your-Pet Party!!!

Next, the non-member fruit bowl is back out, like last has the same colors, I really wish we could change the colors this time around......

Next, I will be taking down the "My Book In Progress" page, because I am NOT making ANY progress on it. I am actually writing the story for a project, and I will publish it when it's finished. I will replace the page with a page full of Animal Jam Music Videos.

~Warriorcats0987-Live Love Laugh Sing 
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