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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gift Bags

Hi Jammers! Ok to get a few things straight before the post:

1) I can't get up at 1AM to post for you wonderful people. I am a morning person, but not THAT early.
2) I don't want to be a normal old "here is the daily item go enjoy" blog. I am trying to be like cloudclaws and snowclaw with doing glitches and gifts and new codes and updates about ME and any changes in a schedule.
4) I love to write! Expect LONG Jamaasian Lore and Stories from me!

Now that thats over with todays gift is a bag of gifts! Another returning gift from last year!

Also, today's new item is the pile of gifts sold in Jam-Mart Furniture!

Picture Credit to Snowyclaw
Next, Animal Jam has been VERY glitchy lately, don't you think? AJ logs me off as sooN as I click a world and when I play adventures. Maybe this has something to do with those pesky phantoms from "Greely's Inferno"?

Also, I will be trying out for snowyclaw's blog and I'm very excited!!

I made a new banner for a signature I hope you'll like it snowy!