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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hey Jammers! This video is for anyone, especially kinztubers (people who make webkinz videos, I am not allowed to do youtube, but I still watch videos) Anyway, Sassycat143's cat, Taz, died. I hope anyone who reads this will go comment on her video and help her feel better. Sassy, if your reading this I'm so sorry about Taz and everything that happened. Just remember that everything can get better, if you help it to. Keep Taz in your mind and remember her in loving memory forever♥. Remember this quote for you, "Fall down seven times,get up eight." ~Unknown. Stay strong ♥♥

(The video isn't loading sorry, but I'll post the link) "Something Happened To Taz" By: Sassycat143

For the Animal Jam post, new items are a scarf and a candle. The scarf is in Jam-Mart Clothing for members and the Candle is in Jam-Mart Furniture for members.