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Monday, December 2, 2013

Rare Snowflake Cape

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Hey Jammers! Today's RIM is Rare Snowflake Cape...... AJ hasn't been working for me so no pictures today :( I got on long enough to get the Jamalaiday gift, which is 300 gems. I can post the pic tomorrow, it will be on THIS post

The whole idea I'm posting though, is a great idea from Cloudclaws. This is the article

Monthly nonmember

September 2013: 
Cozy spot
What you will need:

1. 7 mats
2. pile of books
3. two nonmember couches
3. 4 plushies (any)
4. red panda plush
Here's what it will look like!

You can add extras if you want, it looks pretty cozy
to me and best of all, its all nonmember! 

October 2013:
large nonmember table
What you need:
4 coffee tables
1 ice chair
1 lawn chair
1 pillow
2 Garden plots
And here's what you should have ^.^
 Of course you can add the extras, like the gingerbread house.

 November 2013:
Nonmember entrance
What you need:
1. seasonal tree
2.two bunny statues
3.two alpha stones
4. tiny tree
5. Cave crystals
6. paradise rug
Here's what it looks like!
Pretty cute and great too! :D
More coming soon!

I am starting something like this, but with outfits, too. I am starting this idea tomorrow!!!