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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Where I Have Been + Rant + New Blog

Hey Jammers! Geez, where have I been. Let's say I really am not happy with school and friends and just life in general. I have had some...... friendship problems lately and just school has been rough. I'm not going to promise to post everyday, because honestly, only posting about Animal Jam new items bores me. I'll post other stuff now. It's still Animal Jam related though Sorry for the glitch at the end of the new music. I'm working on fixing it. The rant part is kind of long, and credit for the idea goes to AllRiseSilver of the Animal Jam Rant. Go read her blog, it's so much better than mine.

So basically this rant is about bullies. Yes, the scum of mankind, as referred to by Silver. So there is this one clique at my school that go around criticizing everyone about their personal lives and grades. I've seen their grades, and they are not pretty. Just I'm tired of them, and so are my friends. We see them criticize people, so we help the victims. The new song on this blog is called "Fearless" and I chose it because everyone needs to know this. You've heard it on TV and in seminars, but stand up to bullies. Don't let them push you around like a piece of trash on the road. You are beautiful on the inside, no matter what other people say. It's human nature to take out anger, or pent up sadness on someone else, so try being nice to the bully, and they might stop. Trust me. It WILL get better. 

Yeah, I also have a quote for you people that Rocks! 

"Best friends are people you don't need to talk to everyday, but when you do talk, it feels like you never stopped." ~Unknown.

With the new blog part, I am starting an Animal Crossing: New Leaf blog. I don't feel like starting a new town, so I'll start on whatever day today is and continue. I think this one will be a fun and exciting new blog to try. It will be up tomorrow and I will try to upload screenshots from it. Thanks for not being mean to me for not posting and please follow this blog and my soon to be other one.