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Friday, December 27, 2013

Late Late Christmas Post!

Hiya Jammers! This post is more so about Christmas than Animal Jam because AJ is too glitchy for my old computer to handle...... Anyway, my Christmas was AMAZING! Sadly, I didn't get any AJ merchandise, but I got a gift card to Walmart and I'm going to buy myself a 3 month membership :DDDD.

Ok here is the list of what I got for Christmas:

Despicable Me 2, Just Dance 2014 Wii, Animal Crossing City Folk, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Divergent, The Kane Chronicles, Warriors The Ultimate Guide, Chicago Bears Hat and erasers (No I don't live in Chicago, my parents have special connections there ;) Webkinz Signature Ocelot, Webkinz Husky, and $150 to Amazon for a bunch of Aunts and Uncles.

Now for my Stocking:

A cup of candy, nail polish, lip gloss, Life Savers Candy Book, and Pistachios!

What did you guys get for Christmas and what was your favorite part? Mine was the look on my brother's face when he opened my gift to him!