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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

About Being A Third Wheel.

Guess who's back?

No, not REALLY back, but here to rant about some stuff I don't feel comfortable ranting about in a video.

Third wheel- one of my biggest fears. And it happened to come true.
I have a best friend who skypes me daily. We laugh and joke and scream and have so much fun. Then, this other girl asked to join us and we were nice and said "ok"
Well, little did I know, she was trying to push me out of being my best friend.
I joined a skype call with them and all I heard was THEIR inside jokes, THEM, THIS AND THAT. I was ignored for half an hour.
And I have brought it to their attention and I keep getting ignored...

To be honest- I have 1 friend in real life- and even she ignores me a lot. My internet friend is my real friend and I don't wanna lose her. My sister. My bestie. My confidant.

I'm sorry if you hate this rant- I needed somewhere to go. See ya...