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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Just read this... I have nothing to say

Hey Jammers! So I have 5 words for you people: AJ does not like me. I get black screen and it never logs me on. The times I HAVE been on, blogger doesn't like me either. I also have some sad news.....

I was scammed by a certain jammer. I don't want to say usernames, but my rare spike is gone. Also, I'm taking  a small break from AJ. I needed to take a break at first to focus on school and stuff (meh, ikr!) But when I told a friend of mine, she deleted me and kept running away when I did find her. She told me she was only going to be my friend if I could be on everyday.... so she was never my friend. It hurt me bad and just...... yeah, I need a break....

Bye and thanks for reading ;)