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Friday, March 21, 2014

#JoshGad #Olaf #FrozenLove

Hiya jammers! This post is by request from Nebula Night. It's like the Elsa one I did, but with Olaf, who is pure epicness. He and Elsa and my favorites :). Enjoy!!

Couldn't find the actual video, but here's a clip of the real.

Need that case.... NOW

Hope you liked it, and any requests about posts like this will be considered. If you're wondering the hashtags at the top go in the order: Voice of character, character, the the hashtag of FrozenLove.

(making a new banner)


  1. Yes, I SOOOO need that case! Thanks for making the post!

    I think my favorite characters are Olaf, (obviously) Elsa, Anna, and Sphen.

  2. Yay I love Olaf and dis post ^.^

  3. Testing, testing No word verification :DD

    1. How'd you do that???
      I'm really desperate to get rid of it from my blog!

    2. Nevermind, I found it XD

      I feel left out that I didn't watch Frozen yet...

    3. Sorry 'bout that. I do recommend watching it when you get a chance :)


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