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Monday, December 23, 2013

Bow and Arrow Feather

Hey Jammers! Today's gift is the

Bow and arrows!!! Oh my gosh this is an amazing gift for people who don't have bows and bug me about mine all the time. It is a returning gift as well as the past few have been.
Today's RIM is the Rare Hood With Feather!

Doesn't this remind you of Peter Pan a little? The feather almost looks like a feather on a dart. Overall this rare is pretty cool, even if it's members only.
A new post on the Daily Explorer

Wow, I didn't know turquoise was found in turkey. The line, "We wonder if owning this stone will help you in your adventures." indicated maybe birthstone necklaces, or another clothing themed item coming up! I hope so, and maybe it will allow you secret passages in adventures, or even shortcuts!
Has anyone noticed weird glitches around Jamaa? Maybe it has to do with "Greely's Inferno" I have been getting logged off every 5 minutes in the past few days, but today it wasn't happening. AJ probably got rid of those "pesky phantoms" from the system!
Today's Musical Monday is.................
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Webkinz Music Video!

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