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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Greely's Inferno

Hey Jammers! I'm back as you can see........or read..... The new adventure is FINALLY out! It is called Greely's Inferno in Beta Testing for Members. -Runs and cries in corner-

My New Year's resolution is to post everyday, which I think I can handle. Anyway, my finals sucked. I think I aced em but they were LONG. Also, for 1,000 views, I meant to do this ages ago will be a special edition on Animal Jam Forever Coming SOON. With pictures of me and my buds on AJ, and also comment what you think I should do of these options:

1. Post pictures of my Webkinz Signatures. 
2. Post a AJMV or a Webkinz Music Video.
3. New music for the blog
4. Post my to-do list in real list
5. Give all my followers a buddy request and/or rare. 

Here is the entry form:

Which one you think I should do:
Do you like Pie?:

Thanks Everyone for the fantastic time in blogging!!!

1 comment:

  1. Username:Warriorcats0987
    Which one you think I should do: Post pictures of your Webkinz Signatures
    Do you like Pie?: Yes


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