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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fountains Sprinklers

Hello Jammers! I'm Snowypaw! I am a new author on the Animal Jam Forever blog you can see me post every Tuesday! Here is today's animal jam news!
Here is today's new item the Fountain Sprinkler,sold in Jam Mart Furniture!

Don't you think this item looks like a beta item? 
Here is today's DE post,all about this weeks creature feature Box Turtles!

Dr. Brady Barr and his daughter find a clutch of of baby Box Turtles! Box turtles have a unique hinged shell. The hinge allows them to actually seal their shell when threatened. Most turtles and tortoises can retract into their shells but this still leaves parts of their legs exposes. This special hinged shell makes them practically impervious (im-per-vee-uss unable to be affected) from predators as adults. On a rare occasion that a predator is successful,box turtles can also be dangerous to eat.A large part of their diet often includes poisonous mushrooms which are not harmful to them,but do become part of the turtle's blood and,therefore, toxic to predators.

I have also noticed that there are lots of clearance items around Jamaa's shops!

Wow that's lots of clearance items this week,so be sure to grab yours today!

I have also noticed a strange unreleased item
Don't you think it looks like a beta item?
I could already be a released as a beta item 
What Do You Think this item could be? 
That's about it for today's post!

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