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Monday, May 19, 2014

Inline Solar System

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is the Inline Skates!
These awesome skates can be brought in Jam Mart Furniture,in an array of 11 different colors!

Here is today's Daily Explorer Post!
Today's Daily Explorer post features a AJ Academy post about Our Solar System!
And if you didn't see yesterdays post then check out this picture of an AJ Hummingbird and Real Life Hummingbird! Remember Hummingbirds are now for sale in the Diamond Shop!

Here are some amazing and interesting facts about Hummingbirds!

  •  There are over 330-350 different species of Hummingbird!
  • They can fly an impressive 2,000 miles (for the purpose of migration) 
  • They are the smallest birds in the world!

There is also a new video in Sarepia Theater!

That wraps it up for today's post!

- Happy Jamming -

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